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Table Lamps  
Item T091   1 Available
blown glass w/ base/Polished beveled glass 17" wide x 21"high 
Orig $5450
T0954 Heliopolis
Magically change
the shade color using the three knobs
12.5"Hx 11.5W 
S A M P L E    S A L E
Remember the Magic of Light
Item TT11-3    1 Available
Chrome Table Lamp  - Terzani/Italy
Mirror catches 
the light beam and 
re-directs it 
where you want it
Original $ 898.00
For Collectors
Collector Item 
by Vistosi
Signature Collectable " OZ "
by Fontana Arte/Italy
Valued from Auctions in Europe
$ 5400.00 plus

Signature Collectable 
by Luciano Vistosi / Italy
Neverrino Lampada Piccolo
Valued from Auctions in Europe
$3600.00 plus

               PAUL  PO L I C E L L I   
                                   Private Sale
Collector Item 
by Vistosi
Collector Item 
by Fontana Arte
Collector Item 
by Sergio Terzani
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